Many people don't trust drugs for high blood pressure, especially in our rural community; they prefer natural way of dealing with it. Luckily for them, several herbs are very effective to control this common condition. Now discover how you can use herbs for high blood pressure to treat hypertension and to improve your health.
Herbs have always been used successfully to treat many conditions. And high blood pressure treatment is not an exception. Of course, herbs don’t give a dramatic effect like drugs, but their effect is more long term. Also herbs are safer and don’t produce dangerous side effects.
Below are numerous herbs for treatment of hypertension:


Garlic is the fresh bulb of Allium sativum Linne. It is very effective in treatment of hypertension.
How can it be used?
It can be chewed raw or grinded and added to other herbs.
But the most effective way to use it for curing HBP is to slice about ten bulbs and mix it with about 5 litres of coconut water, use 1 glass cup every morning and night for 15days
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Herbal remedies using Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
Basil (efiri, nchonwu in Yoruba and Igbo tribe respectively) also known as Ocimum basilicum has certain therapeutic properties that has been proved to be useful in treatment of high blood pressure in form of herbal tea.
Basil can also be used in different ways for the treatment of hypertension.
It is either taken as tea (the dried leaves) or it can be squeezed in the water and taken in liquid form with a glass cup(both morning and night. Apart from lowering blood pressure, basil has other benefits:
Easing tension, lowering blood sugar, general detoxifier, lowering stress levels , lowering cholesterol, anti inflammatory. No wonder it is called magic herb as these benefits are some of the key factors that can cause hypertension.


Herbal remedies using Bitter leaves
(Onugbu, ewuro in Igbo and Yoruba tribe
Bitter leaves has certain therapeutic properties that has been proved to be useful in treatment of high blood pressure. This leaves are not just useful in treatment of hypertension but can also help to prevent the end organ damage.
This leaves can be squeezed in the water. Bitter leaves can also be squeezed together with basil leaves and taken in liquid for the treatment of hypertension. It is a good detoxifier and also reduces sugar and cholesterol level which are some of the risk factors of hypertension.
It is important to note that it is always good to squeeze most leaves with hot water or even boil them after squeezing before it is taken to avoid damaging your liver.

Herbal remedies using Avocadoes’ seeds and leaves

Avocadoes leaves has certain therapeutic properties that has been proved to be useful in treatment of hypertension. Both the seeds and the leaves are used in this case.
The leaves are plucked, washed and cooked. The water is then removed from the pot.
Usage: 1 glass cup is taken every morning and night.
The seed is dried and grinded and mixed with honey.
Usage: 1 1oml (Table spoon) spoon three time daily

Herbal remedies using honey + garlic + ginger + water For the treatment of hypertension

Honey, garlic, ginger and water are used to treat hypertension. The ginger and garlic are grinded together, (quantities here multiplied by 5) sieve after adding 1 liter of water and store in 1 ½ lit container, then add ½ tea cup of honey . Mix them together. Finally, add ¼ lit of lime as preservative. Take ½ tumbler morning and night.